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  5. "Tha mi air bhioran a-nis!"

"Tha mi air bhioran a-nis!"

Translation:I am excited now!

November 30, 2019



Feelings are things that are 'on you' too so the excitement is on you hence the 'air'

Also there should not be a space in 'a-nis', minor detail I know!


Normally, but the feeling isn't "on you" here though – it's you that's on a pointy stick (it's an idiom).


There isn't really a space in a-nis. If you are typing the answer it takes it just like that, although it will not mark it wrong if you use a space. If you use the selection tiles then the program will not allow them to create a tile with a dash (-) in it, so they have to use the next closest thing they can get and do it as two words 'a' + 'nis'


I dont see where the 'air' comes from in this.


air = on

Tha mi air bioran = (lit.) "I am on a pointy stick"

It's an idiom.


Tapadh leibh! Very much!

I love learning the meaning/s of the actual words in order to get a sense of the language even if the translations aren't word-for-word.

Thank you! The literal translations are memory aids for learning, at least for me.


Would "Thank you very much" be "Tapadh leat glè mhòr"?


I wish duo would always give the word for word meaning. It would help a lot to know what it really means


If you mouse over each word, you can see its meaning.


Why does the "air bhioran" have a "d" sound...like ed veeran?


Because the ‘r’ is formed with the tip of the tongue forward rather than curling the tongue back into the mouth.


answered with "i am excited right now" and didnt get accepted


That's not quite the right nuance; "a-nis" is like "now" as opposed to "then". I would say "right now" ("at this moment") would be "an-dràsta" if not "an-dràsta fhèin".


tapadh leibh, a càraid


I would say "the now" as would many in Scotland (or "the noo")

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