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How many words will I learn after completing the Spanish course?

It's nice to have the word counter to track my progress. It's said that if you learn 1,000 of the most common words, then you can understand 75% of most conversations; 2,000 words for 85% fluency and 3,000 words for 95% fluency.

So exactly, how many words will I learn in Duolingo after all said and done in the Spanish course?

June 30, 2014



After I finished my Spanish tree, word counter showed 1586 words. That includes only vocabulary from the exercises, so if you also do immersion practice, the real number should be higher.


I agree. Mine also said 1586 words from the tree but there is so much more when you start doing immersion that there really is no limit.


I'm missing out, Duo thinks I know 1,582.

Immersion is good for more vocab. Reading books is great, too.


Thanks all, this is great motivation. DL will build the foundation. I'll know more than enough to feel comfortable having conversations with natives.

But like anything, I have to take it to the next step. I'm already watching Spanish Netflix movies (with English Subtitles, at least trying), involved in the italki.com community (the Facebook for language learners, where you can meet and conversation with native speakers), and trying to use both English and Spanish in my everyday life.

I must admit, my ears still aren't "tuned" to Spanish. So while I can read/write it, I'm working on improving my listening skills.

Thanks again and good luck on your journeys.


Are there Spanish conversational groups in your area? A local (to me) Spanish school has open house conversation night every Thursday. The local Meetup community also has two or three groups that meeting at least twice a month.


This is a stale thread but I thought I'd revive it because I was looking for the same information. When Duolingo went to the crowns system they said that they substantially increased the difficulty and breadth of the program. Currently I have 425 of the 565 crowns available for English to Spanish. As of this morning my word counter is at 1878. My hunch is that it'll end up around 2500 but I'll update this in due course.


I just checked my numbers and it says 3802 Spanish words learned at the moment. I am just at 397 crowns right now and am slowly proceeding through them. I have previously been through the tree twice to make it golden so I am not sure what the final number of words will end up at.


Interesting. I already had a rudimentary understanding of Spanish grammar - maybe an A2 level - so I "tested out" of most of the first 350+ crowns rather than doing the individual lessons. I was really trying to get to where I'd be challenged and go from there. But I wonder if I would have been exposed to a much broader vocabulary if I'd done each one? Genuine learning isn't about crowns, it's about vocabulary and understanding of the grammar, and you've got twice the vocabulary that I've got. Kudos to you and your approach. I'm going to start doing every lesson and will report back in a couple of weeks.


That will be interesting to see. I really don't know if it makes a difference or not. I was actually quite surprised to see the numbers when I looked. I look forward to hearing what you learn from it.


So I started doing all of the lessons -- part to see what would happen and also because I was reaching the verb tenses (subjunctive, conditional, etc.) that I hadn't really learned before and thus couldn't test out. I now have 473 crowns and a word count of 2557. I've reached the end of the course with at level two on everything from IR Future and onward. Clearly testing out of grammar levels comes at the expense of fewer vocabulary words learned. On a different thread someone mentioned having 4000 words having gone through everything. There's a balance here that everyone needs find for themselves. On the one hand you could very carefully do each and every exercise and build a large vocabulary. But that comes at the price of delaying learning's the grammar you need to deploy those words. The opposite is clearly true as well.

A while back I read an article about learning a language that resonated then and still resonates now. Basically it described a forced memorization of 1-2000 words and then getting out there and using them and incrementally improving and learning new words. I can say that I learn a lot more in Colombia just trying than I do at home in the States on the computer.



Okay, I just looked at my numbers again and they are still reading 3802 words so I may have maxed out my vocabulary for a while. I am hopeful for more words at some point in the future since you mention having seen someone with 4000 words. Another possibility is this: I was quite involved in Immersion when it was available so that might be when and where my vocabulary increased although I don't actually know if that is the case or not. Good for you for picking the language up in Columbia; I think that has to be the best way to do it. :-)


Is there an update on how many words duolingo offers?


I currently have 2811 words on Spanish and I'm not even near half way through the course.

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