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"The boys and girls sing in German."

Translation:Pueri et puellae Germanice cantant.

November 30, 2019



Is there a reason that "Germanice pueri et puellae cantant." Doesn't work?


Germanly [ In German ], the boys and girls sing. • adverbs, tend to precede the word or words to which they belong • Allen and Greenough's Latin Grammar 1890

although the order of words in Latin is comparatively free, it is not random, but frequently different orders indicate different nuances of meaning and emphasis Latin Word Order • Latin Word Order: Structured Meaning and Information, A. M. Devine, Laurence D. Stephens, Oxford University Press, Feb 23, 2006 • Latin syntax

Latin Word Order FocusHyperbaton separation of connected words for emphasis or effect

Germanly [ In German ], the boys and girls sing. [ Hyperbatonic separation of the adverb from the modified verb for some emphatic reason and purpose: for instance, the boys and girls singing was expected to be in Latin or Greek. Who knew the boys and girls were even learning German ]

Allen and Greenough's Latin Grammar: For Schools and Colleges : Founded on Comparative Grammar • Special Rules of Order • Page 389 b. • Numerical adjectives, adjectives of quality, demonstrative, relative, and interrogative pronouns and adverbs, tend to precede the word or words to which they belong: as, — 1890


Then "Germanice cantant pueri et puellae" should work, but it doesn't


puer puellaque should work. I reported it, but the enclitic -que as and should work in a variety of places.

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