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  5. "Tha thu cho spòrsail."

"Tha thu cho spòrsail."

Translation:You are so fun.

November 30, 2019



A better translation might be 'You are so much fun'.


Totally agree! Well said!


"Fun" is not often used predicatively in British English; in fact, it's not often used as an adjective - certainly not by my generation. Another word might better, like convivial, pleasing, agreeable, lively. They should certainly be accepted.


Fun is in the OED and so we will continue to use and accept. In the West coast of Scotland at least it is perfectly normal. There are many examples of English in the course that could be regarded as non standard as we are trying to mirror the Gaelic to avoid confusion. I am not sure these alternatives really convey the meaning of the Gaelic.


Fun is a noun so it needs to be 'such fun' or as Jean says, 'so much fun'. You cannot be so fun. Not even for the American dictionaries. https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2014/07/so-fun.html


As Ciaran said above, 'fun' is listed as an adjective in the Oxford English Dictionary, with its earliest listed usage in 1827:

1827 C. Lamb Lett. (1935) III. 89 It would be rather fun to see his odd ways.

Merriam-Webster also lists 'fun' as an adjective, and given that these two dictionaries set the standard for British and American English respectively, I think we can agree that 'so fun' is a perfectly acceptable phrase.


I would expect nothing less. I was just venting. On the specific point, I suspect we will have to agree to disagree.


Yeah, I can't really see this as an English translation. So much fun might be used, or so funny. so fun...not a construction this English speaker would consider grammatical

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