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" às a tha sibh, Iain agus Anndra?"

Translation:Where are you from, Iain and Andrew?

November 30, 2019



Really bad recording, muffled and fades away


I love how the new turtle button does not slow down the words. Wound up understanding it the third time anyway, tho.

This old lady is my favorite speaker! I feel like I'm learning the real Gàidhlig with her. :D


"À" in à Lonainn but "às" in *Cò às a tha sibh?". What's the rule?


à = the straightforward preposition "from/out of"

às (in this context) = the prepositional pronoun "from masculine it/him".

After (most) interrogatives, you use the masculine inflection of the relevant prepositional pronoun (because you do).


  • bho –> Cò bhuaithe? (From who?)
  • ri –> Cò ris (To who?)
  • a/do –> Cò dha (For who?)

You also us "às" before the definite article, e.g:

"Tha mi às a' bhaile mhòr" = "I'm from the city"

But here, London has no definite article, so it's just plain old "à".


'sibh' sounds like shiv in this sentence. Yet in previous lessons it sounds like 'shoo'. What is correct please?


Both! It's a dialectal difference, nothing more :)


The literal translation, according to Duolingo, would be something like "who from are you?". Can someone please explain what' s going on?

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