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  5. "He is not from Scotland."

"He is not from Scotland."

Translation:Chan eil e à Alba.

November 30, 2019



I would love to hear the verbal translation for these as well! So very helpful :)


Why is there an accent on the 'a' before Alba?


"Chan eil e bho Alba" no good?


Perfectly good I would say. Big problem of Duolingo is it is a computer programme and not a teacher. Take it on the chin as the plusses outweigh the minuses.


"à" is needed here. The way I see it "bho" is used to relate to someone or something, eg "litir bho Raonaid - a letter from Rachel", or "obair dachaigh bho thidsear - homework from a teacher" ("bho" also lenites the noun if applicable). "à" is used to relate to a place, eg "thàinig e à Glaschu - he came from Glasgow", and kind of means "out of", eg "à sealladh - out of sight".


Why is it 'alba' and not 'Alba'?

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