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"The dirty weasels live in the bedroom."

Translation:Mustelae sordidae in cubiculo habitant.

November 30, 2019



incorrect for vivunt. idky xpt maybe implies they are alive there. surely otherwise one would take them outside for the buzzards or ad culinam for homines carnevores.


If weasels are like ferrets then they are very dirty! At the very least they are oily. Pee-yew! Stinky!


Left to themselves they are clean , beautiful, graceful and very efficient. Many years ago I watched a mother playing with her three kittens on the sunlit, mown path through a wood. I was enjoying a "Quiet Day" at a religious house where we clergy, who had a surfeit of religion, were encouraged to simply observe creation. On the same day I stood for half an hour looking at the individual beauty of the myriad florets on an agricultural weed - cow parsley. Wasted beauty? Insects and herbivores enjoy it in a different way.

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