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"The dirty weasels live in the bedroom."

Translation:Mustelae sordidae in cubiculo habitant.

November 30, 2019



SordidaeSordida dirty, filthy, foul, (figurative) mean, base, despised, slighted, held of no account • From sordeō +‎ -idus. • Sordeō From PIE *swerd- (“dirty, dark, black”). Cognate to German schwarz, Dutch zwart, English and West Frisian swart, Danish sortSwarthy • Alteration of Swarty, from Swart +‎ -y, from Old English Sweart (“black”).

CubiculōCubiculumCubicula A small bedroom; bedchamber. • From Cubō (lie down) +‎ -culum.


Why not cubiculum?


in cubiculum would be more like 'into the bedroom', implying movement.


incorrect for vivunt. idky xpt maybe implies they are alive there. surely otherwise one would take them outside for the buzzards or ad culinam for homines carnevores.

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