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Arabic on Duolingo

I was looking through some threads on Duolingo that are stating that the Arabic course is not the best to learn from. Some of the comments are saying that the Arabic is a mix of dialects that can make things confusing. Others are saying that the word narration is not the right pronunciation (which I have noticed myself).

I have seen a lot of positive feedback about the course, but now I'm confused because I don't know if I am creating a wrong base for myself.

Thanks, Galaxy.

November 30, 2019



I don't think it is wrong. The writing is mutually intelligible across all dialects, so any writing you learn here should be useful. The robovoice is weird, but that's the case in all languages. (don't depend upon duolingo to help you learn to speak or comprehend orally any language) duolingo is pretty good for grammar, writing, and translating from your target language into English, and vice-versa. It's also fairly basic. The Arabic course is particularly short.

You could quibble about some aspects of accuracy. They insist on translating the Arabic name Daoud into David in English, which is very strange. In other languages that doesn't happen. For example, in Spanish, if the sentence reads José you are expected to write José also in English, not Joseph. There's also the translation of "doctor" as "دكتور" rather than طبيب, which some people have commented on. And transliterations using numbers (e.g., 2 for ء and 3 for ع) seems to wig people out, but texting apps have used that for at least two decades, so Arabic-speakers will understand it.

It's a work in progress. Feel free to disagree with me. My native language is English, not Arabic, but I have noticed that any time duolingo rolls out a new language there are always more complaints than kudos. Don't read too much into them.


Oh yeah. the 2 and 3 I totally wasn't understanding. Thanks for bringing it up here.



I don't know how Duolingo's Arabic course looks, but Arabic is not confuse anymore if you studied it well and correctly.. If there's something hard or not clear I can help simply:)

However, all languages have two ways in studying. the first one that you study a new language to talk, and the other delve deeper into the language and study all the accurate grammatical details and expressions.. and the simplest example may be the specialist language teacher and some natives who like to delve deeper in their language.

So, if you are learning Arabic to speak it is easy as any language, don't worry and keep the good work:)


I'd like to know why -1 from the person who put it?? :(


Thank you for your reply! I don't know who disliked your comment ):


Oh, you're welcome:)


I am Egyptian and speak Arabic do you want any help?


Hi me too

I am from Egypt


Thank you for being so kind!


Thank you this for your kindness

How are you..........??


I would love the help! Thank you for being so kind!


Don't thank me, I didn't do anything


بتعرفى يا ريهام انا كنت بكتب نفس الكلام ده فى المناقشات الاجنبيه لاكن الفرق ان انا بقول

انا اتكلم العربيه و انا عربيه هل استطيع مساعدتك بالطبع بيكون بالانجليزى

بس حلو التشابه ههههه


Yes, as I said in Arabic many dialects

Each Arab country has a different dialect

But we all learn the correct Arabic language

It does not matter different dialects, we all understand some

Do not be afraid and start learning Arabic is beautiful

Good luck

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