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NEW HERE! Any tips?

Hi, I just started Duolingo 10 days ago and am taking the Arabic course to start with and it has been going well. I was wondering if you all had any tips or advice for me as I start my journey of learning a new language!

November 30, 2019



Hello! I think the Arabic language is harder than other languages and I'm surprised people choose to learn it.

Even though I am an Arabic speaker, I sometimes have a hard time learning the language especially at school(grammar formation etc.) but since you're a beginner I advise you to learn the alphabets very well and make sure you can write and pronounce at least most of them.

-Also, read a lot of short stories. They will definitely help you a lot with everything from forming sentences,etc.

-If you really want to learn Arabic very well, look up youtube videos that teach you in Arabic the basics and everything. I know a youtube channel that I think will hopefully help you. It's https://youtu.be/Qwdyx9kAPlU

-Make sure after you're thorough with the basics and everything you learn the difference between plural, masculine, feminine, etc.

-Don't stress yourself because even though it may be harder to learn, it's still nice to be able to speak a language like Arabic.

Good luck and I hope you like the language!


Thank you! Can you suggest a short Arabic story?


There are loads of them but you can find ones on Youtube with English subtitles and everything. Here's a good video with a short story https://youtu.be/GFJATd868iI


Hi !! I don't know how Duolingo's Arabic course looks, but if it gives you a letter or two in a lesson ok no problem they still new for you, but when you be familiar with all them, revise them all together.. As a native I feel it's easy to remember something when you've saved it with its group..

When you be familiar with the alphabet take this... Any Arabian child save this just as his name, save it all. Look, anyone open this simple song (it doesn't looks a real song) to teach the child the alphabet a lot until he saves it, because it has the alphabet, words, and some sentences... I hope you understood hhhh I don't know how to explain>v<


Remember I can help in anything and this song is important, also I can translate it for you to English... Keep good the work:)

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