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Duolingo has saved my life!

I just have to thank you! To Duolingo, and to the people that make it happen!

Let me explain.

Before Duolingo, I tried SO MANY language learning websites. Mango Languages, Memrise, you name it. But all of them were boring, confusing and required a subscription for any quality material. Duolingo is nothing like that. It is entertaining, clear, fun and FREE.

So THANK YOU, Duolingo! For making my life easier, teaching me Hawaiian, and helping me learn for free.

Thank you!

-morning.sunrise (a greatful Duolingo user)

December 1, 2019



A refreshing positive post glad you're enjoying it so much. Duo certainly gave me confidence again after some doubtful times, so I hear what you say. Have a lingot or two and happy learning!


Yes, everyone who learns languages on Duolingo should thank all the contributors that make Duolingo so great.


Somehow I still don't get it how Duolingo exactly "saved your life" - your thread subject headline...you know.

And why is Duolingo making "your life easier" with this limited (short) course (yes, it is quite new) in the initial version?

" Duolingo is a Tool... NOT a Method": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35330373

Looking at the contributor team in the Incubator and seeing that Danmoller (Portuguese team) and Trofaste / Jrikhal (French from English + French from Spanish teams) are also on board, I am sure that they will catch up with the next Hawaiian tree updates the sooner than later.



he means it metaphorically


I also love Duolingo!



you don't like Memrise?

Haven't you used the web portal to access the official 1-7 courses (no, not for Hawaiian).

There are also many user-created courses available on "Memrise Decks".

I could not have learned Portuguese only on Duolingo, without Memrise in parallel, that is for sure.

Duolingo lacks all those 100% typing, words drill, proper spaced repetition intervals (incl. short-term), exclusive L1 English -> L2 target language RECALL tests (with turned-off multiple-choice, no tapping, no hints).


Indeed Duolingo is not THAT very clear as you describe it or want to see it.
It will take you a longer time to learn how to bypass the limitations and find workarounds or not.

Mobile apps also focus too much on tapping with no "toggle keyboard" option (are the A/B tests finished / failed or what??), punish users to buy GEMS with real $$$, get a "health shield" because users lose hearts for doing errors, suggest to buy streak repairs (after someone lost his/her streak) with real money or subscribe to a yearly "Duolingo Plus" membership.


Be careful not to get trapped into that to waste hundreds of $$ only because of GEMS refills which you needed because of lost health/hearts!!!

On top come all the A/B tests with different experiments running across all three plattforms (web, IOS, Android) and judging users in all different kind of learning situations to rely on metrics.


Quote: teaching me Hawaiian, and helping me learn for free.

  • Skills: 34
  • Lessons: 164

Duolingo won't be able to properly teach you this language with only 34 skills and 163 lessons for a longer time.
Or you are lucky and contributors make another tree update.

Compare that to the classic German, Dutch, Portuguese (PT) language courses with more than 91 to 121 skills.
My PT course has 463 lessons since the update last year.

Newer Spanish or French CEFR course have 142 (FR tree13) / 156-159 skills and 671 (French tree13) / 741 (French tree12) or 678 lessons (Spanish): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31573948/New-CEFR-aligned-courses

If you really want to learn Hawaiian, you will have to rely on other resources (like Memrise Decks) quite soon!

Happy learning.
Have fun!


ok bro if you like that app so much dont play this one!!!!!


I can agree with being grateful for a free quality language learning site like Duolingo- the 'can't talk now' mode is great as it allows you to continue on through the lesson though not being able to talk at the time.


Love your positive response to Duo, keep it up

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