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valuable lesson learned

I'm mourning over the loss of my 43 day streak upon embarking upon a vacation which disabled my internet connection. Although this surely was not the most impressive streak to be observed on duolingo, it was a big encouragement to me to consistently exercise my language skills. And instead of cursing myself for losing my streak, I was able to reflect upon what a great accomplishment it was. Through it all, I had gotten through the major foundations and flow of the Spanish language. So thank you to all the encouragers on Duolingo and their help with keeping me accountable to my goals. Here's to 43 more!

December 1, 2019



I like the positivity. Keep up the good work!


- Keep it up!


Well done, onward and upward. Happy Learning.


Good positive posting. Have a lingot.


I always love positive people. It just makes me... joyful or happy. Idk. But it really helps people if they're down through a loss.


Great job! I sometimes fear the same for my 173 day streak....


I don't doubt your ability to keep it up. If you've gotten that far, it's a habit.


I love your positivity! It makes me joyful.

Ps: As soon as I'm satisfied with how many lingots I have, I'll give some to you.

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