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"The strict man arrives on time."

Translation:Vir severus tempori advenit.

December 1, 2019



I wrote "Tempori vir severus advenit". If someone could explain why that is wrong, I would appreciate it a lot! Gratias vobis ago!


I came to ask the same question. Temporal adverbs have been acceptable as the first word on other sentences. So, why is it wrong here?


Duolingo will reject translations that are not in its database of acceptable answers. And there are two reasons why your translation may not be in Duolingo's database of acceptable answers:

  • Your translation is wrong.
  • Your translation is correct, but hasn't been submitted (and approved) as an acceptable answer yet.

If you know that your answer is correct, and it doesn't have any typos or errors that would make it wrong, please submit your translation as a correct answer. Doing so will improve Duolingo for its users and moderators.


I also came to ask that question.

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