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"Auē! ʻAʻole ʻoe i hoʻokī i kāu kīkā?"

Translation:Oh dear! You did not tune your guitar?

December 1, 2019



Does anybody in the U.S. say "oh dear" any more?


I couldn't remember what DL had used when it was an English to Hawaiian translation, so i put "Omg." DL didn't accept that guess. I don't hear "oh dear" in English - EVER. But I've heard "Aue" several times. Pretty sure it's not been "oh dear" every time. =(


It accepted "Wow" for me.


The T-shirt said "Tune it or die"


I say oh dear, but most people who know me think me a bit eccentric


I assumed my answer was marked wrong because I put the question in the present tense "you don't tune your guitar?" and not "oh dear" (I just said "oh," which should be ok since that's all I've seen so far. So my question is - why isn't present tense correct (even if "inferred past" is understandable)?


I believe the first "i" in this sentence marks it as past tense ("i" is used instead of "ua" in negative sentences).

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