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  5. "cù agus piseag"

" agus piseag"

Translation:a dog and a kitten

December 1, 2019



I typed in this exact answer and apparently got it wrong for some reason? Is there not supposed to be an 'a' before dog at the beginning of the sentence?


Would piseag also be used for "kitty" in general and not just "kitten" as a baby cat?


As far as I am aware (British English) and MW (American English), kitty does not have any related meaning other than 'kitten', and hence as a hypochoristic word for a cat in general. So please clarify what you mean.


Kitty can mean a purse of stored funds in English, (from Maori "kete" or basket?) but this is not the Gaelic meaning.


Good point. I didn't think of that because it is a totally unrelated word. So clearly it would be as odd to put money in the pisesg as it would be to put it in the kitten.

I can't find a reference to your etymology or to any other. Can you say where you got it? It occurs to me it could be related to Gaelic ciste or similar words in many languages that mean a chest and are often used for the sort of box you keep money in.

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