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  5. "Cha toil leam seo."

"Cha toil leam seo."

Translation:I do not like this.

December 1, 2019



This sentence is not spoken out loud


Does 'cha' mean 'I' and 'not'?


Close! "Cha" means "is not" and is the negative of tha (is). "Leam" derives from le + mi.
Le is a preposition meaning with, by, and mi means I. So "leam" is a prepositional pronoun, and that's where "I" is hiding out. (I gather this is typical for Scottish Gaelic, so expect more.) "Toil" means delight, pleasure, and seo is "this" -- so the whole thing means "This is not delight with me." See: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cha_toil_le If you haven't found the tips and notes -- while they're not accessible from the duolingo phone app, you can navigate to them on any webbrowser, including your phone's webbrowser.


Can you use "toil" or "leam" apart from eachother, or must they always be used as a pair?


Why does this accept "tha toil leam"?


Because it accepts single-letter typos. IMO there ought to be a way for the course developers to specifically reject it, but there isn't, and IMO that's a bug.


why "I don't like it" isn't accepted as a correct answer?

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