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  5. "Is toil leam guga."

"Is toil leam guga."

Translation:I like salted gannet.

December 1, 2019



What is salted gannet ?


It is a bad translation of guga, that I have never heard used, nor can I find it as a term on the internet, so just use guga as the translation, which they now accept.

It is wrong for two reasons. Firstly the bird is called guga whether or not it has been salted, e.g. when it is still alive. And secondly, it refers specifically to the young of the gannet. So if you really want a descriptive translation, the correct term is young gannet not salted gannet.


I didn't know either, but an Internet search yielded an article in the Guardian about how to make it. The gannet is apparently a bird (fowl) and the preparation involves salt. One estimation of the taste (from the article which I'll link below if Duolingo allows) is that salted gannet tastes "like a salty goose, very fat."



according to the port posts on guga, its an 'acquired taste'. From the described tastes and smell, I have a hard time typing out 'is toil leam guga'. I think 'cha toil leam guga idir' is more my style.

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