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"Sub ponte flumen languide fluit."

Translation:The river flows sluggishly under the bridge.

December 1, 2019



Both vowels in "ponte" are kinda butchered. Sounds like "pantei"


Never mind "ponte" her pronunciation of "flumen languide" renders the words incomprehensible.


Shouldn't you use the accusative with 'sub' when there's a verb of motion?


sub + ( Accusative, Ablative ) • Which Case depends on whether or not the expression context means the [ Subject - Verb - Preposition: Direct / Indirect Object ] interaction is Transitive in nature. Does the Preposition transfer the Subject's Verb action to impact or bear upon the Object? If yes, then Transitive - Direct Object in the Accusative Case. If no, then Intransitive - Indirect Object in Ablative Case.

sub + ( Ablative) under, beneath, behind, at the feet of, within, during, about, around (time)
sub + ( Accusative) under, up to, up under, close to (of a motion), until, before, up to, about

river flows to the bridge • Accusative
river flows under the bridge • Ablative

A cat runs around inside the barn • Locationality - no from-to transit directionality

A cat runs to the barn • Accusative, from-to transit directionality

Conceptually it is normal that the river water always flows under the bridge. Although, with sufficient flooding, the river could flow over, around, under and through the bridge.

In this expression, [ sub ponte ... fluit - under the bridge ... flows ] conveys the where - location of the Subject Verb activity - not - to where -> directionality

The river flows to the sea. • To where? Transitory, Accusative


It doesn't help that the recording quality is poor on this one.

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