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"Hello and thank you, teacher."

Translation:Halò agus tapadh leibh a thidseir.

December 1, 2019



How does one know when to use tapadh leibh instead of tapadh leat ?

[deactivated user]

    It's to do with formality. "leat" is used when speaking to a child or a peer, while "leibh" is when talking to someone older or more senior than you as well as when talking to more than one person. I regard it similar to the German uses of "du" vs "sie". As a general rule, if you'd use "du" in German, then use "leat" in Gaelic; likewise use "leibh" where you'd use "sie".


    This was super helpful.


    From what I can gather, "leibh" is formal or for groups. "Leat" is used in an informal setting.

    i.e. Tapadh leibh = thank you to someone older, more senior, or a group of people. Tapadh leat = thank you to a friend, a peer or children, in the singular.


    Similar to how Spanish has the formal address of "Usted"


    When is it thidsear? Or am I misremembering something?

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