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"Excuse me. I do not have pants on."

Translation:Gabh mo leisgeul. Chan eil briogais orm.

December 1, 2019



In the UK, pants means underpants so this is liable to mis-interpretation.


This. Briogais is absolutely trousers.


Translating "briogais" as "pants" is very confusing to Scots. "Briogais" is trousers, and "trousers" is known more widely to Scots as "breeks" in the Scots language.
It's only Americans that call "trousers" as "pants".
"Pants" in Scotland are "underpants"......and therefore should be "drathais". Why confuse people?


No, no, no. They're trousers, or breeks not pants.


This discussion really has very little to do with Gaelic. The problem is that I, as a Scottish person (but would be the same for all speakers of British English) are sometimes marked down for our understanding of US English. This would no doubt apply if I were learning any language on DuoLingo. For me, pants should translate to drathais, not brìocais, and if I translate plèana as aeroplane (note spelling) I expect to get it marked as correct. Many other apps allow you to select either British English or US English - why not DuoLingo?


Yeah I assume Duolingo just doesn't allow for localization. I wonder if other languages have this same issue; Québécois vs French, Austrian vs Standard German vs Swiss German... It would complicate the efforts of the people who make course but people in here are getting so upset over as mundane a word as "pants", maybe they should just avoid teaching us those words


Right reply? Marked as wrong.


I found my mistakes

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