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  5. "Tha mi ann an oilthigh."

"Tha mi ann an oilthigh."

Translation:I am in a university,.

December 1, 2019



Why not "I am in the University"?


That's not a good translation imo. Though it is literally saying "in the University", it would be understood as "in University" (probably the one the speaker typically attends). "In a university" seems like a mistake to me.

Gaelic does the same for e.g. school: "Tha mi anns an sgoil" = "I am in school".

Edit: Either the sentence linked used to say "anns an" and has been fixed, or I completely imagined it. As it is now, it's correct.


Thanks. I suspect because I am Irish and speak English influenced by Gaeilge, "I am in the University" sounds correct to me.


It's because ann an oilthigh is in a university, whereas anns an oilthigh is in the university. :)


I swear it said "anns an" before but was translated to "in a". Maybe I imagined it, or it could it have got fixed and it updated the thread here?


The sentence above? There has been a weird bug I've noticed where sometimes the EN>GD translation doesn't match the GD>EN one, but usually that has to be fixed manually. Tha mi anns an oilthigh isn't a sentence that's taught on the course, so either there was a bug that fixed itself, or you imagined it :D

Also if the sentence had been fixed, usually the thread disappears. We would still be able to find it because we've commented on it, but it would disappear from public view because it would no longer be attached to a sentence, if you get me?


It's not a phrase you would normally use in English English. You would normally say "I am at a university" or "at the university"or just "at university"


Yeah, almost certainly the last one in fact! That would be the most natural thing to say in most of Scotland, too.


Keeps saying I am answering in English, but I am not.


I notice the translation has a ,. at the end instead of just a .


Does this refers to student status or just the location?

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