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  5. "Sin taigh geal."

"Sin taigh geal."

Translation:That is a white house.

December 1, 2019



How would you say that white house instead of that is a white house?


An taigh geal sin


I learned in other classes that you would start the sentence with 'sin' if you were identifying a definite noun. 'Sin an taigh geal' But if the noun was indefinite the structure changes to 'S e taigh geal a tha sin' Am I wrong?


seems the wrong way round... so 'Sin taigh geal' without a verb somehow means 'this is a...' have i misunderstood? Does 'sin' mean 'that is', including the verb?


It seems that "sin" used at the beginning of a sentence is a verb meaning "that is." ("this is" would be "seo"). In Gaelic sentence structure, sentences begin with the verb, so this makes sense. If "sin" comes after a noun, it modifies the noun and would be transalted as "that." So "Sin taigh geal" = "That is" + "house" + "white" or "That is a white house." And "an taigh geal sin" would be translated as "that white house."

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