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"ʻO Kaʻiulani ke kaikaina o Malia."

Translation:Kaʻiulani is the younger sister of Malia.

December 1, 2019



...(kaikunāne) means brother, and (kaikuahine) means sister. However, ... these terms apply specifically to the brother of girl, or the sister of a boy.

This means that if you are a boy and want to refer to your brother , you need to identify whether he is your older brother (kaikuaʻana) or younger brother (kaikaina). ...the same terms are used to identify the older and younger sister of a girl. (Page 179, Hawaiian Language Fundamentals ʻŌLELO ʻŌIWI, Hōkūlani Cleeland)


Given this explanation, should "older sibling" and "younger sibling" not be accepted for kaikuaʻana and kaikaina respectively? ("Kaʻiulani is the younger sibling of Malia." was not accepted.)


Very helpful, thanks!


How is this sentence understood without a verb? I would have thought "he" would be appropriate here.


Not an expert, but my explanation is "he" is "a" and this is "the" ("ka"). And it's an equational sentence, which doesn't have a verb per se (understood).

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