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Finishing a Lesson and NOT getting credit!

For the last two days , I have finished several lessons in Both French and Spanish. After completing the lesson , the screen pauses for about a minute and a half, returns me to the main "learn" screen but does not update neither points nor show that I have made any progress on 'Level Lesson'. On the other hand , I do not have this problem with the Stories section. I would like to be able to at least keep a progress report on my lessons as well as to maintain the little streak that I have been working on. Has Anyone else had this issue or is this , perhaps , is this a server issue.

Regards, Geraldo in Texas!!

December 1, 2019



I didn't have this issue, but maybe try reinstalling it or try the web version.


I have this occasionally. Refreshing the page almost always awards my XP and updates progress in the level. This is the website through Safari on my iPad.


dang it i shouldve said that


Sometimes refreshing works , but not always. Thanks for the advice and NICE streak Marcy Brown!!!!!

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