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  5. New here how to get level 2


New here how to get level 2

I need participate in discussion how can upgrade

December 1, 2019



By doing more lessons. If you are talking about the XP levels (=the numbers next to the flags on the forum), you need 60 for level 2. You can check the numbers you need here: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/XP#Level

If you mean the level of each skill (=circle), the answer is also by doing more lessons. The yellow line around the skill shows you how far you already are.


Just look at this guy...... XP coming out of his ass ;) Good man/woman, that is dedication. :)


Hi, trying to see how many XP levels I have as not at level 2 yet. So posting to check out my flag! Thanks


12!!!!! 12!!!!!!!!!! and I need 60. Phew better get back to work!!!!

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