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"Anulus tuus multas gemmas habet."

Translation:Your ring has many gems.

December 1, 2019



I notice that so far all pronunciations of ānulus have incorrectly been anulus. I have reported it.

ānŭlus , i, m. dim. 1. anus,

I.the posteriors, fundament, Cato, R. R. 159.

Lewis and Short.

ānus , i, m. related to 2. an- = ἀμφί; prim. signif. a rounding, a circular form; hence also 1. anulus; cf. Varr. L. L. 6, 8, p. 76 Müll.,

I.an iron ring for the feet, Plaut. Men. 1, 1, 9.

Lewis and Short


ănus , ūs (also uis, Enn. ap. Non. p. 474, 30, or Trag. v. 232 Vahl.; Ter. Heaut. 2, 3, 46; Varr. ap. Non. p. 494, 24; cf. Gell. 4, 16; Prisc. p. 718 P.; v. domus, fructus, victus), f. cf. old Germ. Ano, Ana, = great-grandfather, great-grandmother; Germ. Ahn, ancestor,

I.an old woman (married or unmarried), a matron, old wife, old maid (sometimes in an honorable sense, but com. as a term of contempt).


II. Transf. as adj., old, aged (cf. senex, old; old man, sometimes old woman): “anus matronae,” Suet. Ner. 11: “libertinam quamvis anum,” id. Oth. 2.—Also of animals, or inanimate things of the feminine gender: “cerva anus,” Ov. A. A. 1, 766: “charta,” Cat. 68, 46: “testa,” Mart. 1, 106: “terra,” Plin. 17, 3, 5, § 35: “fici,” id. 15, 19, 21, § 82 al.

Lewis and Short

Thus anulus means ‘little, old woman’ et sim., whereas ānulus is a small ring.


You have many gems on your ring.


In order for that to be correct, 'habet' would have to be changed to 'habes'. 'Habet' means he/she/it has, but 'habes' means you have.

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