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  5. "Marjory is quite hot."

"Marjory is quite hot."

Translation:Tha Marsaili gu math teth.

December 1, 2019



Would this just mean she is literally hot e.g. she is ill and has a bit of a temperature? Or can you use it in the modern sense when you say someone is "quite hot" as in attractive?


Temperature, really, though I'm pretty sure I've heard the latter use from youngers who are liable to do that kind of thing (put English idiom into Gaelic).


Sounds like Marjory has left a trail of broken hearts -- or at least, some frustrated teens.


Then again, maybe she's just spreading a flu bug. Cò aig a tha fìos?!


"Ill" isn't the same as "discomforted" ( both viable kinds of hot)

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