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Additional explanations?

Hi all Thanks a lot for this wonderful app! I've been enjoying my daily lessons tremendously! I think the lessons are of a good size and the vocabulary is very useful. One thing I am missing, however, is some explanations of various grammar topics (i.e. lenition or aspiration) as well as some hints as to what regional differences in pronunciation, etc. are. Would the app allow for a seprate grammar area, an explanation box or anything similar? Thanks in advance & well done! Janine

December 1, 2019



That exists for many languages (Irish included) on the browser version (it's the lightbulb when you click on a skill). It's possible that the contributors for Scottish Gaelic will also add these when they get around to it (when a course is fresh into beta, they are usually quite busy dealing with the reports for various sentences and adding alternative translations that they might have missed earlier).


I would definitely recommend the Irish Duolingo help pages, the rules aren't identical, but very similar, and they'll at least teach the sort of terms you need to look up

P.S. If you do google for help, I find it helps a lot to write "GĂ idhlig" instead of Gaelic, because Gaelic will often just lead you to Irish sites


Hopefully they will one day! Just depends on the contributors. I'd like to see some as well :-)


The first two sets of "tips and notes" have been added! :)

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