"Seo cofaidh."

Translation:This is coffee.

December 1, 2019



In every day usage, would you say this when you hand someone a cup? In English it sounds odd to say "This is coffee". The more usual would be "Here's a coffee" or simply "Coffee?. Just curious.


I think you would - or even just Seo, if they know what's coming, and/or you need to attract their attention. I'm sure I've seen Seo translated as "here you are".


Is seo both "this is..." and "that is..."


No. I'm pretty sure I came across the word "Sinn" for "That is..."


Close :) - Sin, not sinn. Sinn = we)


you don't need the 'is', seo cofaidh, is simply this coffee, idiomatically it may be understood as this is coffee, but in other situations, you are making the statement, this coffee, as opposed to that coffee or any other coffee. If you want the 'is' in for absolute clarity, then either use a construction using 'tha' or a rarer 'is' construction. Not much used in every day speech now, but still there should you wish to make use of its different functions as opposed to 'tha'. Nach 'eil sin ceart? Tha. 'S eadh gu dearbh!


Thank you for clarifying. I put 'this coffee' because I thought we needed 'tha' to indicate 'is'. It was marked wrong by Duolingo. Hopefully, they'll change that.

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