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  5. "A' chrùbag dhearg."

"A' chrùbag dhearg."

Translation:The red crab.

December 1, 2019



Are 'crùbag' and 'partan' interchangeable, or is there some difference between them?


When would you use the lenited version of crab rather than the non-lenited one? For example:

  • A' chrùbag dhearg = The red crab
  • Crùbag dhearg = A red crab

Is one of the times you use the lenited form, when you use "the" rather than "a/an"?


Feminine nouns in the nominative case lenite after the article if possible.


How is gender determined? I make note of it when it crops up but it doesn't make sense. Why is a suit (deise) feminine?


I've observed that in gendered languages, the actual noun itself isn't necessarily connected in any meaningful way with its gender. It really seems to be more of a way to categorize nouns by how they're spelled ot handled grammatically. So a noun like "suit" which seems like it would be masculine (because typically suits are worn by men) can be feminine because of the way it's spelled or handled grammatically.

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