Translation of sponsored texts

Did you also see the sponsored texts in the Immersion? What do you think about them? I think we should try to translate them to help Duolingo!

Vor 4 Jahren

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I think we shall trnaslate topics we are interested in and can learn from most. If duolingo really wants us to involve thez will give part of the sponsoring back to the translators - maybe related to their level and qualitity of work. I don't regard this in means if "I dont want to earn them money" but more "in case they build a good framework to deal with motivation then the site will be a nice tool for sponsors and those in need of a translation". So this also means that "pro bono" translations should be rewarded even more.

Vor 4 Jahren

Same here! I have no idea. Sometimes I found it too complicated. Have you ever translated a sentence?

Vor 4 Jahren
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