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How many Scottish Gaelic learners on Duolingo do you think there will be in a year's time?

Hi there! So glad the Scottish Gaelic course has come out! It's already on over 50,000 in just 5 days! How do you think it will stack up in terms of learners in a year after coming out? I think it could get over 500,000 like Hawaiian and Latin and maybe even over a million like Irish, Arabic and Hindi! What about you? How many learners do you think it will get up to in a year? :D

December 1, 2019



I hope it will pick up a good number. The language is very regional in northern Scotland and this will help keep it alive.


Yeah I hope that it will become particularly popular in Scotland! Loving the course so far!


I'll probably be voted down for saying it , but if 500 complete this course it would be totally amazing. Unfortunately a very small proportion of those registering for a course on Duolingo will go on to complete it. That's the unfortunate reality of it.

Read the current statistics on the right of the screen on this link.


Of course you can accept that as a personal challenge if you like !


I’m guessing 500k-1m at most for the first year.


Yeah I think that's a good estimate! I certainly hope it does well. It seems to be a great course so far - loving the audio and good variety of sentences. Would like to see some tips and notes and one day, but I'm just glad we've got the course so quickly! Thank you to all the contributors for the effort put into making it!


So true. I was shocked to see it released only four months after its announcement.


I'm surpised that they've already got some tips and notes out so quickly! The contributors are great and I'm glad there's people answering questions in the sentence discussions too! :-)


So true. I only wish I could spend some time in Scotland. Not too many Gaelic speakers in America. Maybe that’ll change soon. Never know.


Hi Witcher. I’m from Scotland, the language has declined due to political reasons, but Duolingo gives us a lot of hope. I know there are a lot of Scots Gaelic speakers maybe not to far from you in Nova Scotia, Canada.


I hope the Scottish diaspora (of which there are many millions) embrace it...then we are looking at 1,000,000 + within a year ( tha mi an' dochas!)

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