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  5. "an t-sràid ghoirid"

"an t-sràid ghoirid"

Translation:the short street

December 1, 2019



Is there a rule when to put "t-" in front of a noun? I haven't quite worked it out yet. Thanks!


from what I have compiled, it's when the noun starts with S followed by either vowels, N, R or L... then you use "an t-"

the dropping/morphing of the first few letters of the nouns in these cases really throws me.


While I wouldn't entirely trust Wiktionary as a source, their article on "an" seems to have a good chart of all its inflections.

Assuming it is correct, then the answer to your question is that you place a "t-" after "an" when the following noun is masculine and begins with a vowel in the nominative case, is masculine and begins with s+vowel, sl, sn or sr in the dative and genitive cases, or is feminine and begins with s+vowel, sl, sn or sr in the nominative and dative cases.

sràid is a feminine noun beginning with sr and this is the nominative case, so it gets a "t-".


Does it not require lenition: an t-shràid ghoirid?


As far as I can tell, words that receive a "t-" don't lenite from coming after "an".

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