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"IRN BRU! Tapadh leibh a thidseir!"

Translation:IRN BRU! Thank you, teacher!

December 1, 2019



How do we know when to use leibh or leat?


leat is singular/informal (I.E. you use it with one person or to a friend/someone younger than you). leibh is plural/formal (I.E. use it with a group, someone older, or someone you don't know)


In real life it can be a bit tricky, but on this course they always address it to more than one person, or to someone you would look up to (usually teacher (as here), father or professor) when they want you to use leibh and an single person's name or someone you would look down to (e.g. boy) when they want you to use leat.


Also, I have no access to links whatsoever, but would very much appreciate someone to email me an entry-level pronunciation guide. ([email protected])


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