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  5. "Is Aamir wrong?"

"Is Aamir wrong?"

Translation:क्या आमिर ग़लत है?

December 1, 2019



Aamir galat kia hai. Is this wrong?

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For yes/no questions like this one, the क्या should go at the beginning of the sentence. Basically, it is added as a prefix to a statement that's being turned into a question.
आमिर ग़लत है - Aamir is wrong? क्या आमिर ग़लत है - Is Aamir wrong?

When it means 'what', क्या should go right before a verb.

Note: This is only in formal/written Hindi. In colloquial speech, there are other word-orders that are possible but still, when क्या is placed right before a verb, it would always mean 'what'.

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