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  5. "Càite a bheil thu, Eòghainn?"

"Càite a bheil thu, Eòghainn?"

Translation:Where are you, Ewan?

December 1, 2019



Is "Eòghainn" the lenited form of "Eòghann"?


It is vocative form of Eòghann. It’s not lenition, it’s slenderization (making the last consonant slender) or attenuation.

In general the vocative consists of a particle a and lenited vocative form of a noun (eg. a Mhàiri ‘oh, Mary’), but vowels do not undergo lenition, and the a particle disappears before vowels (so Iain or Anna are both nominative and vocative), and most masculine nouns slenderize in vocative:

  • nom. Seumas, voc. a Sheumais (from this form comes English ‘Hamish’, btw.),
  • nom. Eòghann, voc. Eòghainn.


Is this also the case for Uilleam / Uilleim?

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