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Streak Freeze did NOT work

Dear Duolingo Support, last Friday I did not manage to make my daily Duolingo lesson and although I had a Streak Freeze I still lost my Streak. Yesterday (Saturday) my Streak was 0 BUT the system showed that I still have my Streak Freeze intact. It seems like my Streak Freeze was not activated and I lost my Streak. This should be very easy to check if you look at the date the Streak Freeze was bought.

Please resolve the error and restore my Streak.

December 1, 2019



Try to submit a bug report through the form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I had the same issue and, once reported, they restored my streak.

December 1, 2019


I just submitted a bug report, hopefully it will get fixed soon. Thanks for your help

December 2, 2019


I had 545 day streak 5 days ago then lost it due to Duo using my streak before the day was out and then when I purchased another( I didn't double check that it was in effect) then at 20:00 it told me my streak was over. I contacted support twice, but they are not acknowledging my attempts at contacting them. very frustrating, I am/was proud of my consecutive day learning. I showed it to many people that had asked me when/how I was learning Spanish. Now, sad to say, due to no streak I am not going to be showing it to anyone.

December 4, 2019


Yep I also hat a 500+ days streak. I submitted a bug report but no answer. Its sad to see that they are so unresponsive.

December 4, 2019
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