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Forum Advice from Duo

Don’t you think it would be a really good idea if the Duo owl popped up from time to time in the forums with helpful advice for us all?

With a little ingenuity, I’m sure the Duolingo techies could make Duo’s messages context-sensitive, so that they were relevant to what we were doing.

So, trying to be helpful (of course), I composed a few words of advice that Duo could give at the appropriate moments:

Think before you post.

Thank you for your comment.

Is your post helpful?

Have you searched the forums?

Have you read the guidelines?

It’s been posted before.

Is that really relevant?

Check your speling.

Wrong forum!

The Mods will love that one.

It gets asked ten times a week.

Best delete that before anyone sees it.

Don’t pretend you love owls. I know better.

Don’t bother to read that one.

I didn’t understand it, and I’m a really smart owl.

No one cares if you hate the leagues.

No one cares if you love the leagues.

You’ll never get enough people to downvote that one.

I’d run, after posting that.

No one knows how that works. Don’t ask.

I’d give that post ten minutes before it’s downvoted.

Another streak post? Are you sure?

What are you complaining about this time?

It’s one of the 6000 languages I’ve been asked about already.

Aw, c’mon. Not another poem.

December 1, 2019



"Have you searched the forums?"


Edit: I love this one: "Check your speling."


@Tembo441 makes fun of me. Glad to see it the other way around. :)


That sounds like a great idea! Some of the advice you wrote sounds a little too critical to me but the whole idea might help so that we have more meaningful posts and less spam ones.


Thank you so much. That is exactly the response I'd expect from Luna Lovegood. :)


You forgot one Tembo. If Duo was to pop up in the forums , here and there, then he will need a line for all the Duo-popping-up-in-the-forums complaints ;)


"It really would be easier to install the right keyboard layout for this language on your device..."


In keeping with Duo's personality, perhaps some positive reinforcement would be nice, too.

"Amazing! 3 upvoted posts in a row!"

"Don't worry, getting downvoted that fast will help you learn how to engage your brain next time you make a post."

"Even when you're wrong, someone in the forum will still agree with you!"


"The mods will love this one" XD

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