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"Obrigado por ver o meu filme."

Translation:Thank you for watching my film.

April 25, 2013



Dá pra ouvir "Obrigado por ver meu filme" do que "Obrigado por ver o meu filme". De qualquer forma, as duas são corretas.


I like to use, assistir/assistindo


I agree assistir is better


Would "Obrigado por ter visto meu filme" be possible to say in this case, or does ver/assistir sound more natural?


Your sentence is correct. With "assistir", you have to use "Obrigado por ter assistido a/ao meu filme".

[deactivated user]

    I haven't learned it yet but does "TER + Particípio passado" mean the action is currently taking place like in English with "BE + gerund"?


    In this case, it is closer to Present Perfect Continuous in English.

    [deactivated user]

      So in the following "Obrigado por ter assistido ao meu filme". Does that mean "thank you for watching" or "thank you for having watched?" Is the action of watching over or still taking place?


      Sorry. I thought about "Eu tenho conversado com ele", for example. That would be "I have been talking to him.

      In "Obrigado por ter assistido ao meu filme", the action is already over ;)

      [deactivated user]

        I see, thank you. Just like in the following example:

        • eu estou trabalhando = I'm working
        • eu tenho trabalhado = I've been working


        Wouldnt your second example:

        'eu tenho trabalhado' = I have worked


        Eu tenho trabalhando = I have been working

        If anyone could clarify, I would be grateful :)


        Why is "thank you for watching my MOVIE" marked wrong? In a similar exercise "filme" is translated "movie".


        Why doesn't this sentence use the gerund? (ie, visto instead of ver)


        In Portuguese, if you use gerund after preposition in English, in Portuguese we usually use infinive (general rule)


        Why is "movie" marked wrong for "filme" when it was used this way in a previous example?

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