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Are the Latin sentences pretty creepy?!

I've only done French and Latin on Duolingo, but so far the French sentences have been what you'd expect ("it's raining"; "I wake up early"), while the Latin sentences were often weird and slightly sinister: "I collect dolls and bones," "the young man wanted to get down from the altar." And then there are all the poop-filled toilets and the drunk parrots smashing up the forum. Silly but fun. It makes learning Latin more light-hearted and less dusty and dour than it's usually given credit for.

December 1, 2019



Oh yes.

And you have absolutely no idea what the evil goddess Minerva will do when the next advanced release of the Latin course appears. The rumour is that it will make The Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a pleasant stroll to the forum...

But I never believe rumours. Do you?


Well, Minerva has already destroyed the undutiful human by chance, so there's no telling what she'll do next.


Don't you just love drunk parrots?


I have a parrot. She does NOT drink alcohol! And if you ever got the idea of "hitting" her she would make sure to repay you with a serious bite. They don't forget!


What is the problem with the young man to get down from the altar? Is this sinister? Only, maybe, for the marrying maidens... lol


Well, I think it's a bit disturbing that the young man is up on an altar.


I'll forever remember the Spannish "The bear drinks beer" and everyone in the comments like "whoaaa... This one bear is so cool !" What's fun about those, it's that they sometimes are strange, and sometimes really simple sentences become so fun just because of the comments (like "Where do I come from ?" (Latin course) --> Duolingo diving into philosophy ? xD)


I just loved the "Nature" part, you would imagine it's focused on nice stuff like "sun is shining brightly, grass is growing nicely, etc", but boom! You get all those fires, water running under the floor, destroyed buildings and bridges, oh, and the word for "violently", of course!


I know! I thought we'd be getting sylvan glades. But it's pretty entertaining. I think more kids would learn Latin if they had these type of sentences!


Yeah, I miss the sentences about naval battles and Caesar's victories! (But I could seriously do without the Cicero's sentence structures of a silly lenght).

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