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  5. "a boy and a girl"

"a boy and a girl"

Translation:balach agus caileag

December 1, 2019



What is the correct pronunciation here of 'agus'? In the female audio, it sounds like 'ayus' and the male audio 'aggus'


Joanne where does the woman come from? I've never heard ayus


Ah, thanks for that. I visited but was too scared to try my beginning Gaidhlig, so didn't hear any.


Aw no! Hopefully next time you visit you'll be able to practice :)


Joanne, back in the dark ages, my old Gaelic primer (the Roderick Mackinnon one) had a hard/ k/ sound in agus?


Oh my goodness spelling girl from memory is hard


So the course has sentences like "hello boy" and "thank you, boy" but we never see the same with girl (caileag).

I'm wondering if this is just because duolingo didn't bother or is the word simply not used in the same way?


There's a well-known 80'ies song by the wonderful band MARILLION called "Kayleigh" - has this anything to do with CAILEAGH - is it a version of the gaelic "GIRL" as a NAME for a girl - a common scottish NAME for a girl - or is the NAME-giver perhaps speaking GÀIDHLIG ... does ANYBODY know that ?!


No, not even close I'm afraid. It may be entirely coincidental, but if anything that name would come from cèilidh.


In Embo a boy is brogach and Dwelly agrees.


How do I know when to use "balach" vs. "bhalaich. Sorry if this is an obvious question. XP


"Balach" is "a boy" and "a bhalaich" I think you can sometimes translate as "the boy" but mostly I hear it as a name like "Tapadh leat, a bhalaich" "Thank you, boy"

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