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Papimentu Papiamento language course?

Hi I would really like to learn Papiamento Papimentu.

The Language from the Antilles (Aruba Bonaire and Curaçao) I was suprised that duolingo does not have a course yet for this language.

I speak dutch and english


If anyone does now a good app or website recomadation for learning i would really like to hear.


December 1, 2019

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me to, I also like to learn Papiamento, so i can speak papiamento's with my family at Aruba :-)

I speak Dutch (native) , German and English


Hi maybe if youre family speaks English and Papiamento they can apply to become a Course Contributor so in some time there can be a new coure created. I think duolingo needs folunteers that know both languages to create a new coure.



Indeed, minimum requirements to create a course is 5 people who are sufficiently bilingual and at least one that has skills in teaching the language


Of als je familie Nederlands en Papiamento spreekt.


hey ik heb deze duolingo tinycards gemaakt samen met een vriend die Papiamento spreekt https://tiny.cards/decks/QxcSgkRo/papiamento-nederlands


Unfortunately tiny decks was discontinued by Duolingo. Do you have it on something else, anki perhaps?

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