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Papimentu Papiamento language course?

Hi I would really like to learn Papiamento Papimentu.

The Language from the Antilles (Aruba Bonaire and Curaçao) I was suprised that duolingo does not have a course yet for this language.

I speak dutch and english


If anyone does now a good app or website recomadation for learning i would really like to hear.


December 1, 2019

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me to, I also like to learn Papiamento, so i can speak papiamento's with my family at Aruba :-)

I speak Dutch (native) , German and English


Hi maybe if youre family speaks English and Papiamento they can apply to become a Course Contributor so in some time there can be a new coure created. I think duolingo needs folunteers that know both languages to create a new coure.



hey ik heb deze duolingo tinycards gemaakt samen met een vriend die Papiamento spreekt https://tiny.cards/decks/QxcSgkRo/papiamento-nederlands

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