Keyboard issue

How do you type an accent above a letter, such as cu?

December 1, 2019


The easiest way is to set it up on your keyboard. If you are on a windows PC go into Settings, Time and Language, Language, Options, Add Keyboard, and then add Scottish Gaelic.

Then if you click ENG on the bottom right of your windows screen it'll give you the option to swap. The shortcut for writing a grave accent above a vowel is to hit the apostrophe button followed by a vowel. à è ì ò ù

What if you’re using an iPhone?

Can't speak for iPhone users. In Android, I hold the letter "a", and then I'm offered several options for different forms of "a". I just slide my finger to the one I want: a --> à.

On iphone if should be even easier. It's built into your keyboard.

Just hold the letter a.

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