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Cò às a tha sibh uile?

Thought it might be interesting to ask where everyone is from?

How many people here are Scottish? I live in central Scotland, but am from the north originally.

December 1, 2019


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I'm from England, born in the Fens, then lived in London and now on the South Coast. I have English, Scottish, French and Dutch ancestry going back a couple of hundred years.


I’m from Poland (and living there), no direct associations with Scotland or Ireland, but I once came to liking Irish music and from that I started to learn Irish to understand song lyrics mostly, got into that language, now trying to learn about other Gaelic languages (Scottish and Manx), though still the Munster dialect is my favourite. ;-)


Tha mi às na h-Innseachan (India)

I am from India.

I too do not have any connect with Scotland as such. But I love learning languages.


I'm from England, grew up in London, moved to the countryside in Berkshire for a few years, then up to Staffordshire for university, and now back in London.


Prince Edward Island, in Canada. All of my Scottish ancestry came here between 1800 and 1860 and my DNA still shows about 90% Scots / Irish. Gaelic was once the second most common language in PEI and could still be heard well into the 20th century My Great Grandfather died in 1954 (I was 7) and Gaelic was his mother tongue.


Born in Scotland, but have lived in Australia for most of my life.


'S ann à Inbhir Narann a tha mi, ach tha mi a'fuireachd an Hong Cong o chionn faisg air fichead bliadhna.

I'm from Nairn, but have been living in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years.


Chaidh mi dhan bun-sgoil ann an Inbhir Narann mu dheidhinn 20 bliadhna air ais. 's cinnteach gu bheil sibh eòlach air mo phàrantan.


Australian with Irish parents.


Scots living in London and New York. I visit the Western Highlands and Islands, and I love the singing.


We live in North Carolina. We visit Scotland frequently, or did before the plague. Looking forward to when we can visit Scotland again.

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