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BBC Bitesize/BBC iplayer

BBC bitesize

I have discovered that the BBC bitesize website has several levels of notes for Scottish gaelic.

For e https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhk9q6f

However, if you go through 'all topics', you can see gaelic for various levels of school.

This is clearly geared towards school exams and rather limited but it still has some useful content including web pages in gaelic.


For anyone in the UK with access to the bbc iplayer website, there are some programmes on there in Gaelic. Go to the category 'Scotland' and when you scroll through the available options, several have gaelic titles.

December 2, 2019



I believe that some unscrupulous individuals use a VPN to watch BBC Alba outside the UK. Not that I condone such practices. Tut tut. :)


BBC iPlayer blocks most VPN's now... but us unscrupulous individuals find other ways :) (I'd buy the d*amn tv license if they'd let me!)


Totally agree. Somebody should put it to the BBC that they would be doing a minority language a great service by allowing access to BBC Alba outside the UK. (and BBC Cymru)

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