"I was warm."

Translation:Bha mi blàth.

December 2, 2019



I think that this lesson is in the wrong place.


I'm guessing the Duolingo framework forces the mods to pigeon hole each skill to some degree, but it seems a good time to introduce past tense.


Sorry, should have given more information. I thought it felt out of place in “Hobbies” and I though it might sit better in “Weather” along with:

Tha mi a' faireachdainn blàth - I am feeling warm
A bheil i fuar no blàth? - Is it cold or warm?
Tha i blàth a-muigh - It's warm outside, etc.

...but then I noticed a mixed bag of sentences in hobbies (Cha robh am bàta ann am Fionnlainn - The boat was not in Finland) so I'm not sure what to make of that section.


There are a few sentences here that aren't strictly related to hobbies, but it's the first one that introduces past tense so I think that's why they're here.


If I was female, would I say "bha mi bhlàth" instead?


No. You only do the leniting if the adjective directly follows and modifies the noun. Tha mi blàth - I am warm.

Tha bean blàth - a woman is warm

Tha bean bhlàth snog - a warm woman is nice.

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