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Accented Letter Tiles for Scottish Gaelic?

Thank you for adding the Scottish Gaelic language to Duolingo! I am enjoying it very much. I'm wondering if they will be adding tiles for the accented letters for use on the computer? I've been using an online keyboard but I have to use the copy/paste function, or use alt-keys, both of which slow down the process of being able to type in the words. Tapadh leibh!

December 2, 2019



Gonna one-up this one! I've just been ignoring the accents because the course lets you move on without them, but as a result I'm not learning the words in their entirety.


I was tempted to ignore them . . . but I've had too many years of learning languages at school - I feel the ghosts of my teachers looking disapprovingly over my shoulder. hahaha! As I mentioned in my comments below, someone else asked about this and the response was that Duo would be adding accent tiles! So now we can learn the words properly (and my teachers won't haunt me.) ha ha!


ref to accents for using on Dou, if you are working desktop, downloading the free Welsh Lexibar makes it a bit easier.


Thank you, I will look into this! Although I did just see where someone else asked the same question, and the response was that Duo would be adding accent tiles. :)


There's another way to use the alt keys I have found which is so much faster. Instead of memorising a bunch of alt codes it is possible (at least on my mac, I haven't checked on anyone else's laptop to see if this is a universal thing) to hold down the alt key while pressing the ` button (same key as the ~ symbol), to make an accent mark appear above the cursor. The accent mark will then be added to the next letter you type, so it's just two key-clicks to add an accent!


Thank you; I tried this on my PC, but it didn't work for me as it does for you, unfortunately. So I've just been continuing using either alt-codes or the Lexilogos keyboard (they have it for Scottish Gàidhlig!) But I just read where someone else asked basically the same question, and there was a response that said Duolingo will be adding the accent tiles! So things will be much quicker before too long!


It also depends on what language your software/keyboard is set in, afaik. People working on desktop pc/macs set to languages that actively use various accents will be able to use them. Don't know if that is at all helpful.


mise cuideach!


I am loving the new Scottish Gaelic material added just last month, but have lost the Accented letter tiles which I used to have. So now I continually get reminded that the accents are important (and they are!) but I can’t do anything about it. I did switch to using the duolingo app on my ipad at the same time, so that may be causing my problem? Any suggestions welcome. Tapadh leibh


I use Duolingo on the browser, with my iPad, and the row of accent tiles is right there.

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