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  5. "Cha toil leam Calum idir."

"Cha toil leam Calum idir."

Translation:I do not like Calum at all.

December 2, 2019



What did poor Calum do?


What part of this sentence identifies who doesn't like Calum. I've maybe missed the specification or not completed a lesson yet that outlines one of these words contain the "I" rule. What would make it, "She does not like Calum at all," or, "You do not like Calum at all?" Thanks in advance. xxx


The word you're looking for is leam. If you have a wee look at the Tips, it is explained in a bit more detail :)



Calum, I would like to be your friend. Do you like shooting red grouse and pheasant? I see that you own some moor land a bit north of Aberdeen. We have some really nice trout water here in Pennsylvania and white tail deer and elk.

I have a 1946 Aeronca Champion. Slow, but reliable. Let's be pen pals.


Lol ;) thank you for your wholesome joke good sir/ma'am


Calum needs new friends. Poor fella.

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