"Our pasta is on the plate."

Translation:La nostra pasta è nel piatto.

April 25, 2013

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Just learn "nel piatto" because that is the usual way. Italians will understand you when you say "sul piatto" but it is not usual.


Fine advice siebolt. Any idea how this came about? I mean, how come Italians think about food being "in the plate" (nel piatto) rather than just "on the plate" (sul piatto) To simple English people like me I may be thinking that I have to eat the food which has somehow merged with the plate in the cooking process - a sort of nuovo cuisine???


The fact that its name is "la nouvelle cuisine" says it all. Italians see their food as the best in the world and are not attracted by other views on food. I have heard lots of Italians scoffing at the French cuisine. About "in", did you ever notice the fact, that pasta often is served on a deep plate? That might explain it.


Oh! You mean served IN a deep plate? But that only works if you are using deep plates, deep bowls etc. I do, however, get your drift and totally agree that Italian food is the best ON the planet, indeed IN the world ;)


But I still wonder why DL wants "nel piatto" instead of "sul piatto". I see others have the same question.


Why is it Duolingo writes Nostra without the "La" but when i do the same thing i get flagged?


Why nel and not nello?


Ive asked my resident Italian. It's to do with the preposition 'lo' is nello, whereas ne+'il' piatto


Could this also be: La nostra pasta è sul piatto?


Yes, why we can say "la mia pasta" but not "la nostra pasta"?


my pasta versus our pasta


why not 'La pasta nostra è nel piatto.'? 'La pasta nostra' like 'La cosa nostra'


What is the difference between nostre , nostro and nostra ?


La nostra = our (feminine singular) Le nostre = our (feminine plural) Il nostro = our (masculine singular) I nostri = our (masculine plural) Hope this helps :)


I have the same question. Were you ever able to find out?


Initially I typed La pasta nostra instead of La nostra pasta. Is it really grammatically incorrect to put the noun first?


Shouldn't it be "le nostre paste"? I thought it could be pluralized in Italian.


I do not have the symbol for e'


Why do you not use an article before "piatto?"

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