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Keyboard-only no longer possible on desktop?


I seem to vaguely remember that it used to be possible to only use keyboard on desktop version of Duolingo. So, for example, you could type '1', '2' etc. to choose in multiple choice questions.

Now I've come across new types of questions ("arrange all the words", "fill in the blanks from given choices"), which seem to require using the mouse.

Is there a way to disable this question type, or otherwise force a Keyboard-only approach?

December 2, 2019



Is this in your French course for specific skills (those new ones from tree 13)?


December 2, 2019


It's in the skills 'City' and 'Travel' in French tree. Haven't sorted out yet what tree version it is that I'm on, thank you for the link -- I'll take a look later.

December 2, 2019


I have noticed that the keyboard
navigation had been disabled a
few days ago in sentence drills.

It is still possible to navigate with
the keyboard in the story drills.

Good topic. Thanks for the great
work. Keep it up.

December 3, 2019
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