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  5. "Càite a bheil an teine?"

"Càite a bheil an teine?"

Translation:Where is the fire?

December 2, 2019



In English, "where's the fire?" could also be used figuratively to mean, "what's your hurry?/ what's the hurry?" In Gaelic, can this phrase also be used in such a way?


I have been wondering the same thing. But there is not fire to answer. : )


Can you say "Far a bheil an teine? " What's the difference?


That's a statement "where the fire is". The example above is a question "where is the fire?".

Punctuation aside, where English uses word order to differentiate these, Gaelic uses special interrogative forms of words., e.g.:

  • Càit a bheil? (v) far a bheil
  • Cuin a tha? (v) nuair a tha
  • Ciamar a tha? (v) mar a tha

and others


Mòran taing airson an fhreagairt !

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